Disinfectant Ingredients of the Future

DATE: September 28, 2022 | LOCATION: Online

Looking for better disinfectant options? This webinar will highlight active ingredients in disinfectant formulations and talk about the pros and cons of each ingredient.

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ISSA/IEHA Healthy Hospitals: Certified Environmental Specialist Programme

DATE: May 26, 2022 |LOCATION: Online

Are you a healthcare cleaning service professional keen to further develop your knowledge and expertise and validate your current working experience with a worldwide certification? Then join the ISSA Healthy Hospitals certification programme and become a Certified Environmental Specialist.

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ISSA Pulire Forum 2022

DATE: October 18 & 19 | LOCATION: Milan, Italy

The FORUM PULIRE project was founded in 2012 with the goal of creating a much needed new opportunity for reflection, in alternate years with the ISSA PULIRE event. This is an interactive vehicle for the services segments, which come together every two years to share the rules of a modernization process that sees us directly involved.

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Accredited Auditing Professional (AAP) Training Course

DATE: July 12, 2022 | LOCATION: Online

The ISSA Accredited Auditing Professional one-day course is designed for those industry professionals looking to enhance their knowledge and skills around quality assurance and building audits, and provide their customers with the level of cleaning they deserve.

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ISSA Pulire Clean Africa

DATE: Feb 16-18, 2022  |  LOCATION: Annex, Nigeria

Organized by the ISSA Pulire Network and Media Fusion for professional cleaning, facility management, carwash, pest control, waste management, and laundry sectors, this trade show offers a platform to promote the most innovative and advanced cleaning practices and the latest products, technologies, and services to potential buyers in Nigeria.

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