Flushed with Pride: Creating Restrooms that Improve Facility Image

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Aug 24 2022


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm




Restrooms can say many things about a facility/organization. Ensure your restrooms are sending the proper message to facility occupants and visitors. Join Cleaning & Maintenance Management for a webinar on restroom technologies and best practices to help improve efficiencies and deliver a satisfactory restroom experience.

Topics include:
  • Technologies for smart/connected/touch-free restrooms
  • Workloading to ensure consumables are always available
  • Best practices for common trouble areas and eliminating odors
  • How to deal with restroom cleaning challenges and complaints
  • Processes and procedures for better productivity
  • Staffing and retention best practices
  • How to handle high-traffic situations with cleaning and re-stocking
  • The ongoing pandemic concerns and issues with safe and inviting public restrooms
  • Validation methods designed to establish cleaning results
  • A special Q&A session with the expert panelists
  • And much more!

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  • Gene Woodard
    Gene Woodard

    Gene Woodard spent more than 35 years as part of the custodial services, building maintenance, and related services at the University of Washington in Seattle. He served as the Director of the Buildings Services Department.

  • Steve Larson
    Steve Larson

    Steve Larson is the executive vice president at CCS Facility Services in Colorado. He is responsible for strategic planning and business development.

  • Jennifer Friz
    Jennifer Friz

    Jennifer Friz is the regional director of operations for SSC Services for Education in Florida, overseeing the K-12 Southeast region.

  • Marcelo Essabba
    Marcelo Essabba

    Marcelo Essabba is the senior director of housekeeping operations for Hard Rock Stadium, the home of the Miami Dolphins, also overseeing the new players and coaches facility.

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