Budgeting 101 – How to Manage at the Operational Level

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Nov 10 2022


1:00 pm - 2:00 pm




The goal of this webinar is to help front line and field managers develop a framework for understanding how to manage more effectively and efficiently and stay within budget. In this session, we will discuss how to align the customer’s business requirements and profitability for the cleaning company and understand the impact the JanSan and equipment distributors have on the cleaning budget. We will discuss the basic accounting skills and software required to create a budget. Attendees are taught how to prepare, read, analyze, and manage financial statements.

  • Learn how accounting functions as an information development and communication system that supports decision-making and provides value to managers
  • Understand the basic assumptions and principles of financial information, productivity, and capacity utilization
  • Understand the foundations of analysis and how these techniques are applied in a business setting
  • Understand how workloading helps standardize cleaning tasks and the importance of software
  • Understand how managerial decision-making is influenced by both quantitative and qualitative information to improve service levels
  • Improve the budgeting processes and decision-making ability by using software to help organize and manage your cleaning resources.

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